“Discover Your Best Self brought phenomenal speakers to a group of professional women. The highlights were perseverance and creativity in pursing your passion, and how taking a step back to re-evaluate goals and progress on a regular basis helps project businesses forward. 
The most memorable take away's were the short term goal exercise. We were asked to write down goals to achieve within the next 12 months. Goals we're currently striving to achieve and goals we'd like to achieve but haven't yet started. This was a powerful exercise because it forced me to stretch a bit further outside of my comfort zone! I had to dig deep to pull forward the uncomfortable goals I had not yet started.
The second most memorable take away was the one-on-one break away sessions. Sharing what I do with another professional female while receiving purposeful objections was inviting! To be given the opportunity to practice your service or sell your product is always welcomed and difficult to do for the everyday working women. It was as if we were given a free coach for twenty minutes to share our best pitch and how we overcome objections. 
This year I look forward to more opportunities to grow and stretch as a professional business women. I enjoy taking my strengths to the next level because I see how my passion for financial planning builds trust and comfort within my clients!”

- Serena Sneeringer, Financial Advisor - New Mother 

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