“Women receive less than 5 percent of government funding for small businesses and less than 5 percent of venture capital funding than men.”

— National Women's Business Council

  • Texas is the 8th ranked market for Women-owned businesses.

  • Houston totaled 102,813 Women Owned Businesses in 2012.

  • Census Bureau’s American Survey of Entrepreneurs says 19% of Houston small business are owned by women.

  • 15.3% of Houston Households are female led with no husband present - What could ownership do for their households?

Sponsoring DYBS can positively assist with the mission of financial literacy, funding resources, business development, and a consistent network of support for current and future female entrepreneurs. These numbers are evident of the dire need to collectively harness female entrepreneurs in the Houston area. It is proven that with better access to funding and proper tools, every small business and entrepreneur has a higher chance of succeeding and producing employment opportunities to contribute to a thriving economy.