Networking 101

Become Phenomenal at Standing Out, Be the Best You in the Room!

Networking can be very challenging to people. For women, speaking from experience we overthink when it comes to meeting new people, or not knowing anyone in the room.

When deciding what networking events to attend, think about the purpose and know that your time is valuable. You want to make the most of it. If you are a doctor and want to open your own practice go to events that will help you get there faster. TIP: The purpose of networking is to expand your sphere of influence and meet people who can assist you in getting to your goal faster, not for you to be an expert in everything. It’s equivalent to reading a book; you gain years of experience from reading from an expert. TIP: Also networking is about giving as well. Figure out what your strengths are and your values, you have them, and can offer those to the people you meet, it’s a two-way street!

Be confident, no matter where you go or what you have on. You made it to the event, so there is no turning back now.

When you get there, sometimes to make yourself comfortable, go to the restroom and check yourself out. Trust me you won’t be the only on doing this. Give yourself reassurance that this is fun and you will meet the right people for you.

Scan the room, check out who’s friendly and smiling at you. Introduce yourself and let them know why you are there, or how you found out about the event.

This next step is so very crucial, to get that person talking, ask them about themselves!!! This is how we get stuck, thinking we are the only ones who have to talk. Ask them their name if they didn’t introduce themselves, guess what they may also be nervous if they came alone. Ask them how did they learn about the event, and what they do. Be genuinely interested. Listen, ask questions, comment, laugh and relax.

Guess what if that conversation didn’t work out move on to the next person, it’s probably a room full of people.

Networking is not about getting rid of your business cards and selling to everyone you meet. Let’s break down the word NET- WORKING

NET : to receive by way of profit, to produce by way of profit, to get possession of: a net amount, profit, weight, or price, something made of net: such as a device for catching fish, birds, or insects

Work : to perform or carry through a task requiring sustained effort or continuous repeated operations: to exert oneself physically or mentally especially in sustained effort for a purpose or under compulsion or necessity: to produce a desired effect or result : succeed                                       To greet and talk with in a friendly way in order to ingratiate oneself or achieve a purpose

The word NETWORKING tells you exactly what to do: Catch something that can profit.

Exert physical and mental effort for a PURPOSE under NECESSITY to PRODUCE a DESIRE or RESULT to SUCCEED. You will have to greet and talk FRIEDNLY (we have to remind ourselves people like friendly, likeable) to gain favor or acceptance to achieve purpose. This has to be genuine, and being your best self is the way to do this. You won’t click with everyone you meet, but the ones that love you and appreciate you, work it and create results!

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