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Our Founder 


My names is Shaniese Ruffin. I was born in San Francisco, California but grew up most of my life in Cincinnati, Ohio and now as an adult in Houston, Texas. I am a Midwestern girl with huge aspirations to influence people to become their best selves. I am a change maker and a believer in hard work ethic and authenticity.

I have worked in education, non-profit and sales - primarily real estate. During college I started a media production company that highlighted the perspective of college students and interviews from prominent leaders in our country that came to speak like Maya Angelou, Harry Bellefonte and James Olmos. Most of this attributed to the driven tenacious focus I have on self-improvement and community involvement. I have also studied broadcast journalism. Journalism has forever been a natural part of who I am. I can empathize, learn, and understand a person’s story from their perspective. I did not know nor did I understand how important this would play in my life as an adult and creating a business.


About Discover Your Best Self

Discover Your Best Self is an open book of all the life lessons, my journey along with others to learn from and use as a guide. Our lives are ones to be remembered, documented, and to cause change.  Discover Your Best Self will surpass my physical journey. It will reach people I have and will never meet. It will go to places of the world I will never know. What I do know is that it will affect people in a way to better themselves, to live unselfishly and make a move to continue their aspirations no matter what they have been through.

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Leaving a Legacy

To know where we come from, how that plays a part in our lives and a big part of who we are, helps us in knowing where we are going. I come from a huge family. My grandmothers on my mother and father’s side were both beautiful, strong, audacious women and unafraid of speaking truth. They were the backbone of their families. Ernestine, my paternal grandmother was a business owner. She had multiple businesses, five kids, and a two husbands. She was fashionable and a trailblazer of her time. Ruby, my maternal grandmother worked, but hosted great gatherings and laughed out loud with her sisters all the time. She had 8 children, two husbands, and made sure education was first in her home. She had 25 grandchildren including myself who all attended college. Both had high expectations from their families and knew that being the best version of themselves would help them create a whole generation of women and men to have an impact on the world.

I am living evidence of being persistent; having a vision and moving each day to create your future. That goes for the good and bad. We manifest what we believe whether that is consciously or subconsciously. I have experienced hurt, pain, betrayal, joy, excitement, but most importantly life. I love being alive and know that life has so much more to reveal. My mother who showed me how to be a woman and work for the things I believe in and my father, whose natural love of people and connecting effortlessly, are inevitably part of me. They have given me great insight to the wonderful life I have to look forward to. Now it is my turn to pass that torch to my daughter and instill these attributes in my daughter and continue to influence the world through my eyes.